13 challenges and solutions for an enjoyable career journey from a scientist-turned-entrepreneur.

Last year I gave a talk at an exciting London fintech startup Cleo AI. My talk focused on career challenges, with tips and advice. I realised that most of these challenges related to communication. My company Sentient Machines’s mission is to transform human communication.

In the early days of my career, both in academia completing my PhD, and subsequently in industry, I managed projects and people in situations I’ve never experienced before. The team needed to be happy and motivated, and external stakeholders demanded strong results.

In February 2020, I read this article describing the initial vision of OpenAI and how it had evolved. I find the whole concept around OpenAI quite exciting, and especially the vision which is focused on the ethical AI, and how to make sure it does not go all wrong at the end once AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) arrives. AGI arriving means machines have the abilities to fully simulate a human mind, which has brought many questions and worries to date. …

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Customers

In the previous post, we discussed how What you do impacts the quality of your customer interactions and your bottom line, and how analysing your conversations in real-time can help transform your customer satisfaction. Today, we are focusing on the What you say — the communication aspect of your customer interactions.

We analysed over 900,000 customer interactions, and derived five elements of communication that made an impact with regards to successful sales outcomes and higher customer satisfaction:

On the quest to becoming remarkable in your customer interactions

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of crafting emotion-centric customer experience, and we presented how positive language and Sentiment Index impact the overall customer satisfaction, and sales outcomes. We’ve also seen that no matter how positive and skilled your agents are, your customers want quick resolution in order to give you high customer satisfaction scores (CSAT). One of the key learnings was that to bring your customer satisfaction up you need to eliminate the negative emotion in the first place.

A natural next question is: How do you eliminate negative emotion? In the next two posts, we’ll dig…

Impact of Emotion and Sentiment Dynamics on Sales Outcomes and Customer Satisfaction

Emotion drives human connection. We buy things we desire, not the things we need. We don’t understand our gut feeling, but we know that it is a good idea to follow it. Naturally, emotion also influences our communication. How often have you been frustrated with lengthy calls to customer service? What kind of skills the call centre agent need to have in order to calm you down and earn your loyalty back? Is it at all possible to do it through upgrading agent’s communication skills, or is there another, better way? …

Embracing the new normal to transfigure your trajectory

Covid-19 is one of the biggest challenges in our lifetime and we need a paradigm shift to thrive. I recently gave a talk at an exciting London fintech startup, on redefining challenges to drive success. I predicted that way we communicate and adapt our business in defining moments determines the eventual winners. Our ability to accommodate a new normal means being super-agile; let’s not pretend that nothing has happened. What can a start-up founder do right now to turn this challenge into transformative change?

In the early days of my career, both completing my PhD, and subsequently in industry, I…

At the core of every meaningful conversation there is an emotional connection.

Without emotional bonding, there is no flow. People don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel.

Naturally, the words we choose influence the outcomes. One of my favourite quotes from George Bernard Shaw says:

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.“

How often do we struggle to clearly communicate our message to someone? I realised the awesome potential of our tech when someone at a conference, having seen my demo, asked me if our platform can help them analyse what went wrong with their ex partner.

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Dr Danica Damljanovic

Scientist l Entrepreneur l Educator. Founder of www.sentientmachines.tech. PhD in AI/NLP. Advocate of transformational tech and ethical AI.

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